Moving house

I moved out of my flat today however I am not moving into the new flat until Friday the 8th September how do I go about changing this on my account and avoid being charged for usage over the next week when we won’t be using any energy?

Hi @beth7400 - thanks for checking! We’ll treat your two flats as totally separate accounts. So if you can let us know your final meter readings from today, we’ll close your old flat’s account. If you’d like to switch your new flat to Bulb too (pretty please!) the easiest way to do that is just on the website. We’ll then switch it from the current suppliers over to us.

I recently updated my account with meter readings taken the day I moved out which was yesterday, can these be used?
I would like to stay with bulb when moving to the new flat :slight_smile: where on the website can I do this?

Not a problem.

That’s great to hear you’re thinking of taking us with you! :truck:
The easiest way to do this is to sign up your new property through our website,
You can use the same personal and payment details as before, as there’ll be an option to sign in using your existing email and password at the end of the sign up process.