Moving House


I am moving house to a new property which i have just found out has a prepayment meter. I would like to switch my current Gas & Electric plan to that house so i will need to change the prepayment to a normal meter - is this something which you can do?

The current supplier of the property should be able to switch the pre-pay meter to a credit one, then you can switch to Bulb as normal.

As Bulb don’t yet supply pre-pay meters, I don’t believe Bulb can handle the switch for you.

Hi @Aruna - Mowcius is correct in saying we do not supply prepayment meters so you would require the properties current supplier to install regular credit meters and then we would be able to take on that properties supply.

When you move out of your current property please let us know so we can close down your account there.

@Aruna, as another point though, if it’s a prepay smart meter all should be fine as it can be changed over to a credit meter during the switch without input from your old supplier.