moving house

Hi, I’m moving house on 23rd Feb but actual tenancy ends on 9th March. Now, I’ve let Bulb know this online and everything is fine.
However, I want Bulb to be the supplier at my new home, but when I clicked add new home at the end of the moving home page, it took me to get a quote - treating me as a new customer - and it said that I would be supplied from the 3rd March. there was no option to choose a switch-on date. The building is empty now and I want to be supplied by Bulb on my move-in date, 23rd Feb. I don’t know the supplier now but is Bulb able to be the supplier from 23rd Feb at new home and the supplier at old home for the two weeks?

I would contact Bulb and discuss (mon-Fri)

Contact by email, phone or webchat

Email us at, chat with us on the website or call us on 0300 30 30 635.

thank you.

@Colin64 the switch will take 21 days, so you’ll be with the current supplier at that property for a few days before we take over.