Moving House

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Hi there

I move out of the above address on 4 April 2018 and need to close the account.

I obtain the keys to my new property 2 March 2018 and would like to stay with Bulb for supply here.
So as you can see we have an overlap.

What needs to happen please ?


@JohnP here’s what I would do.

For your current home, use the Move Out function on your Bulb Account. You can use it today and specify the move-out date is 4 April 2018.

For your new property, congrats on the move-in! Head to and enter the details as if you’re a new signup. At the very end, it’ll ask you for your regular Bulb Account password, which will be a clue for us Bulbers that we need to merge your two properties under one Bulb Account.