Moving house

I am trying to organise moving house. The help advice stars you can do this from your account. I couldn’t find this. Am i doing something wrong?

What to do if I’m moving into a new home?

Are you an existing Bulb member?

If you’re a Bulb member and are moving home, let us know by clicking ‘Moving home’ in your Bulb Account. We’ll then start the process so you can stay with Bulb when you move into your new property.

Are you a first-time joiner?

To become a Bulb member for the first time at your new home, sign up at You can avoid delays by calling the current supplier and letting them know you’ve recently moved in.

If you’re not sure who the current supplier is, you can find out on the Energy-UK database.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose power during the switch.

I’m current member. I’ve went to my account and there is no option to ‘move home’ That’s what’s confusing me.

Do I have to come out of the app and go to the website to do this?

Not sure but probably, I only have a PC so not familiar with apps.

@heather_cairney1 @scudo We don’t have that option on our App yet I am afraid. Would definitively be good to have!

You will find it if you were to sign-in to your Bulb account on a laptop or pc, basically the desktop version :).