Moving house

I have told bulb I am moving house and not taking bulb to my new house. My new supplier has told me bulb has objected to my switch. They cannot process my switch because of this. I need this sorted ASAP

Energy suppliers do not supply people, they supply properties. You can’t “take Bulb with you” as such even if you wanted to.

If you don’t want Bulb to supply your new property, then you need not have told them you were moving house. You just needed to inform them the account would be closing, and ensure you provide a final meter reading on the day the property was handed over to the new owner/tenant. Bulb would then continue supplying the property, but with the account in the name of the new owner/tenant.

I think by telling them you were moving house, you’ve caused some confusion.

The current supplier of your new property is entirely unrelated to the supplier, Bulb, at your old property.

Could you give a bit more info about which property is apparently undergoing the switch?