Moving house

Hello - we are bulb customers and will be moving to a new property on 24 July. I just filled out a joining form which says we’ll be switched on on 12 August. Can we arrange to have gas and electric any earlier? We are not sure what the previous tenants have Arranged. We have electric at our current property - the new tenants will be here from 12 August. Can someone help us knit it our two different accounts together? Thanks

That’s not how it works. You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) start a switch until you have legal responsibility for the property.

What’s supposed to happen is that you move in, contact the current supplier (the previous tenants or agent will tell you) and arrange to start payment for usage from the day you took responsibility for the property. At that point you can start a switch to another supplier.

As it stands at the moment you’ve applied to switch the supplier of a property over which you have no legal responsibility.

@CatherineA @Hooloovoo has it right i’m afraid. You can’t start a switch for a property until your legally responsible for it and the property’s current provider may object to it regardless.