Moving houses

Hi all! I will be moving houses on 11th of June and although I did go through the process I still need to pay the same amount as before on the 1st of June. Since the payments are made for the upcoming months, it doesn’t make sense to pay a full amount for only 11 days. Could someone please clarify this for me? Thanks a lot!

Hi @GeorgeScr as it stands at the moment, you’re quite right, the payments don’t change when you let us know you’re moving out, though any excess will be refunded to you when we produce your final statement once you’ve moved out. On the one hand, it would certainly make sense for payments to be adjusted in these situations, I’ve flagged it up for our tech team to take a look at. On the other hand, a surprisingly large number of people get in touch to let us know they’re moving out, but then get in touch again a few days or weeks later to let us know that the date they’re moving out on has changed, or they aren’t moving at all. In those cases, we might have reduced people’s ‘last’ payment, and then suddenly they aren’t moving out and they’ve gone half a month into debit (or however long). So it might not be a one size fits all solution.

What you could do (though we’re a little too close to your payment date now, so I guess this is more useful for anyone else in a similar situation who happens across this thread) is to go through the move out thing, then manually reduce your next payment appropriately through the payment and statements tab. A possibility, at least.

Hi @“David at Bulb” thank you for the reply. I will certainly move out on the 11th as my contract runs out and I have a new flat from the 12th. I’ve also switched my account from my current address to the future one so it wouldn’t be the case of staying longer than mentioned. Anyway as long as any excess will be refunded, then I have no issues on this matter.

On a different topic, I just had a look on my energy usage and for the month of April it is stated that I consumed £87 worth of electricity, highest of the year - by far (3 times more than January???). This wouldn’t make sense as my flatmates barely live in the house and I’ve been away on holiday for 10 days. How is this possible? Thank you!

Hey @GeorgeScr I’ve had a little look at that statement. It looks a little inflated as we had been under-estimating the usage previously. When we got the reads on there was a bit of a jump from our previous estimate, so this was accounted for in this statement. So whilst the electricity may have been used anytime from October - April, it was accounted for in the April statement.