Moving in a flat

Hi there,

I am going to rent a flat on the 14th of August 2017. I would like to have Bulb formy electricity and gas but I don’t knowanything about the current supplies because in the flat there is still the other tenant. I will be move in on the 14th of August. How can I set up an account with bulg if i can’t read the meters yet? what are the steps to do to be ableto have bulb from the 14th of August?



I’m sure the team @bulbenergy will get back to you. Not sure if you know much about Bulb. They have a great referral link, you can join and get £50 then you set up your own link and refer others. If you’d like to use this link, you’re more than welcome. Bulb will cover exit fees as well. I think it takes about 21 days to set up an account but Bulb may say different. Good luck.

Unfortunately when you move you will automatically get a new account with the current supplier. This can’t be changed until you have actually moved in to the property. Switching takes 21 days, so if you switch to bulb on the first day you move in you will still have to pay for 3 weeks worth of energy from the current supplier before the switch occurs. You should receive a letter from the current supplier when you move in but it is probably best to call them and give then meter readings right away.

thank you very much for the answers. So I cannot call Bulb now, I have to phonethem only when I am in the flat?
Even if the letting agency gave me the name of the suppliers?

Hi @frt - it looks like @like2save and @jedmoore have given you some great answers so far :+1:

Technically you can only switch supplier when you are responsible for the bills at the property, so in this case when the tenancy begins. It does mean that unfortunately there will be a short interim period of usage with the existing supplier at the property.

When you are all settled in you can sign up on this very website by clicking “Get a Quote” above.

Let us know if you have any more questions and hope to have you aboard soon :slight_smile: