Moving in confusion


We’ve recently moved into a home supplied by Bulb and we were already with Bulb at our previous address so I thought it’d be a simple transition.

I filled in the Moving section the day we moved into the new property and even received an email asking for a meter reading and when I logged in to supply the information, I just got a screen with my old address saying I’ll receive my final bill on the 11th. And now when I log in I get just the old address with nothing but an option to offset my carbon footprint and view my account settings.

Today I received an unaddressed letter stating that we’re not paying for our energy. Even though I’ve attempted setting up the new address twice.

I got an email back from Bulb’s help department with generated information that I’ve already filled in.

There are two bits you normally have to do:

a) “Moving Out” on your existing account (which is tied to the old address), and
b) follow the “Moving In” link under Moving Home on the Bulb home page, and set up a new account.

There was a period where (b) required you to call Bulb, but that may have been temporary.

Yeah, I’ve completed both of those, but when I went back to give my meter readings for the new property it only shows my old address with no ability to do anything.
I’ve received an email back from Bulb saying they don’t have my information on their database even though I’ve been a customer for over three years. Strange.

Hi @A.Gittings :wave: and welcome to Community :partying_face:

I’m sorry for the confusion you’ve had in setting up an account for your new property. From my end, this all looks correctly set up. I have sent you a password reset email to allow you to log in to your new account rather than your old one.

If you still have some issues persist please let me know and I’ll take a look.