Moving in day new house, new to bulb who do I call

Hi. We are moving house and have signed up to bulb through a cash back referral. What do I need to do next? When I move in do I phone bulb on the day? Or do I have to go to the existing company. I’m not sure as it’s been years sunset I last moved and that was a total disaster!

who do I call
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If you give the Bulb team a ring on 0300 30 30 635 (09:00-18:00) then they’ll be able to sort everything out for you and advise as to the most painless process for sorting out the supply of your new property.

Typically Bulb will inform the current company that you’re switching, sort it all out for you, and then you’ll just get a bill for the interim period addressed to “The Occupier” from the current supplier a few weeks after your Bulb switch date.
Depending on the current supplier, letting them know you’ve moved in and setting up an account for that short period may or may not be a good idea. If it’s Scottish Power, definitely let them send things to “The Occupier”. It’s really not worth the hassle of giving them your details!

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Yes, that’s right @mowcius we will get in touch with the current supplier and let them know we want to switch the supply.

When you move into a new property you automatically have a current supplier. The current supplier is whoever the previous occupier picked to supply their property. They will continue to supply your property until you switch over to Bulb because energy supplies are attached to properties, not customers.

I advise you to call the current supplier with meter readings from the day you moved into the property to ensure you’re billed correctly for this period of time. Also, sometimes suppliers have the right to delay the switch going ahead, particularly. if they haven’t closed the previous occupiers’ account, so giving them a call will also prevent a delay.

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