Moving in questions

Hi guys,

I’ll get straight to it.

We’re first time buyers, so we’re not switching. Bulb take over services on July 8th.

From the day we moved in to when Bulb take over, how do I end up paying that bill? Appreciate that it’s probably not Bulb’s job to tell me, but I don’t really know how to find out the supplier etc.


Hi @Matty1 and welcome to our Community :deciduous_tree:

Of course we can help, that is no problem at all :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m going to email so I can found out the property address, I can then look up on the national database who the other supplier is and I can send you the best way to contact them.

In general the process works like this, you move in to your new property. You take the readings from when you moved in. You let the current supplier know who you are, the opening reading and that your going to switch to Bulb.

Then 5 days before your switch (for you this would be the 3rd July) we send you an email asking for your first Bulb reading. We then send this reading to your previous supplier who will then send you a final bill based on this first figure you gave them and the figure we gave them.

Often, you can work out who the supplier is because they should send post to the property addressed to ‘The Occupier’ but we can look this up for you too :bulb: