Moving in - when / how to sign up

Can I sign up by phone, as I may not have internet access on the day I move into the new house on November 5th? It is currently supplied by Bulb with the current owner.

Honestly, go with anyone but Bulb. They are cheaper than most, but it really shows with the customer service and any help is non-existent.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I assume that I have to initially take over the supply with Bulb from the previous owner and give them a meter reading but then switch as soon as possible. Is that right? I definitely don’t want to stay with my current supplier at my previous house either.

Yes. Except you don’t need to switch “as soon as possible”. You only need to switch if you want to and can get a better deal elsewhere. To answer your original question, phone up Bulb on the day you take legal responsibility for the property and give them your details to arrange payment. Be prepared for a long wait on the phone (20+ minutes) unless you can manage to call them at 9am as soon as they open.

This is irrelevant anyway. Energy suppliers only consider properties, not people. There’s no concept of “stay[ing] with [your] current supplier at [your] previous house” because they are completely unrelated. So no need to worry about that.

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That’s useful, thanks.