Moving into a new home

Hello, we’ve just signed up for bulb as we’re moving into a new house on the 1st Oct, but our bulb account won’t take over until the 4th. Is there any way to make this earlier as we need to start paying for utilities on our move in date of the 1st. Thanks!

You need to contact Bulb, however the current supplier will supply from the 1st to the 4th. which should be minimal cost to you.

Hey @Sparker

When you switch to another supplier, it does take 21 days to switch over. This is to make sure we get all the right information about your energy supplies ready to start supplying you. It also includes a 14 day cooling-off period, where you can cancel your switch if you do change your mind.

As @scudo has rightly said, you’ll be with the current supplier for the short time before we are able to take over your supply.