Moving into a new house, first time buyer.


My partner and I shall be moving into our new home by the end of the month and to be honest, this whole process is new to us. That includes sorting out our energy supplier. I’ve had a look at Bulb, like what I see and would like to sign up. The current homeowners are with SSE I believe and will be transferring their account to their new property. I think they are paying whatever fees are involved with this.

When we move in, how do we go about signing up? Just do it online and type in a metre reading on the date? Who do we pay for any electric/gas usage on that first day?

Many thanks for any help.

@grunt89 all good questions!

I’ll do my best to explain it as simply as I can.

Your house will already be supplied energy by a company. Your landlord or estate agent should inform you of who they are. We recommend that on the day you move in, you give them a call with readings from your meter on the same day. This means that they will set up an account for you and ensure that you’re only billed for energy that you’re using, not anyone else’s.

After that’s all been done, you can sign up to us online. The switch will take 3 weeks to complete. During this period, you will continue to be supplied by the existing supplier. Once you swap to us, you’ll need to give us a meter reading. We’ll send this to your old supplier so they can close off their account with you, send you a final bill and once it’s been paid you’ll have settled everything with them.

You’ll then be charged energy by us from the meter readings you gave us :).

I hope that makes sense!

Hi SJ.

I am going to move into a new house at the end of this month and I have a plan to register in Bulb for supply my electricity. However, before I move into this house, the house is empty for almost 2.5 months. The previous electricity supplier is SSE. So, what should I do now?

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The previous electricity supplier is SSE. So, what should I do now?

Contact SSE when you acquire legal responsibility for the property, as stated in the two year old thread to which you replied.

The occupancy of the property, or lack thereof, prior to you taking responsibility for the property is not your concern.