Moving into home

I am moving into a new house as of today (21st). The house is already with Bulb and I am also a customer at my old house. I’m trying to arrange the new houses bill but it wont give me a quote just Problem Coe 500. Am I best calling up? Has anyone had this issue before?

@katieelizabethivybee Welcome to Bulb Community!

If you’re moving into a property supplied by Bulb, you would need to use our Moving In form to set up an account for your new home. Just click the link:

If you need to close your old account with us, just click the ‘Move Out’ button on your dashboard and fill in the questions!

If you need any help with these forms, just let us know :smile:

I have tried doing this, but it wont give me a quote, it just says problem code 500.

Are you trying to use the same email address for “Moving In” as your existing account? If so, I’m guessing that Bulb can’t cope with that :man_facepalming:.

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Do customers really have to close one account and open another just to stay with you when moving house? That’s not exactly brilliant now, is it? Surely you could do better than that! (isn’t that supposed to be Bulb’s ethos?)

Yes, but they state that its fine to do so :face_with_monocle: .
It lets me load it all up until the quote for my new address. Very frustrating. Makes me want to switch for an easy life! :roll_eyes:

Then (in the immortal words of Homer Jay), d’oh!

Moving house is stressful enough without Bulb adding to it! Good luck.

It appears that once again bulb hae gone the extra mile to shoot themselves in the foot :rofl:

Hey @katieelizabethivybee I’m sorry that you had this error, but am glad to see the new account has now been added to the property.

@stevefoster Energy supplies are connected to the property, rather than the individual, meaning that any changes of tenancy need to be logged to make sure our members are billed correctly