Moving meter

Hi I would like to move my gas and electricity meter from the inside to an outside wall (conservatory wall) which is less than 1 metre.
Would you be able to do this or do I need to get in touch with my network provider?

If so can you please send me the link to both the gas and electric network provider so I can contact them.


@Damu, you will need to contact the DNO as the move is through a wall.

Presuming you’re going to need an external meter box for the meters, you will also need to contact a local tradesperson to get these installed beforehand.

Thanks @mowcius, @Damu he’s quite right that’s a DNO job, you’ll just need to arrange for them to come out in the morning to move the pipes and so on then get in touch with us to arrange the same date with us and we’ll come out in the afternoon to move the meters.

Thank you David is there a specific number we should contact you on? Or just call customer services? Thank you.

@Damu, it’ll just be the standard number (0300 30 30 635)