Moving our gas meter more than a metre.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently in 5e process of switching to bulb and am renovating my house. One of the things we are hoping to do is to put a toilet under the stairs, however to do this we would need to move the gas meter more than a metre. How much would this cost and how would we go about it?


Bulb can arrange this for you. You’d be best off giving them a ring (0300 30 30 635) tomorrow to clarify costs and details.

I believe the current cost for moving a gas meter is around £140.

House-side pipework from the new meter location may not be covered under the moving costs so a local gas registered company may also need to be involved.

Hi @Rene if you haven’t spoken to us yet about this, we can move your meter for you. If it is more than a metre as stated, it will need some additional distributor work done.

I’d echo what @mowcius said and give us a ring so we can run through all this with you!

Thank you both very much!