Moving out and refund

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I’m moving out on the 8th of October to a place which unfortunately already has a contract with SSE. Plus, I still have some credit on the Bulb account. What are the steps I’ll need to follow in order to get a refund for what’s left on my Bulb account and then close it?

Within your Bulb online dashboard (account section) there’s a button to click for moving out. Also there’s information within the Help pages of the Bulb website.

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As @norman7115 mentions, if you sign in to your Bulb account and choose ‘Move out’, we’ll be able to process this for you. You can do this on the day you are leaving or after you have left.

We’ll need a final meter reading and the date you’re moving out to be able to bill you only for the energy you’ve used.

We’ll close your account and send you a final bill. Don’t cancel your Direct Debit just yet. We’ll need it to issue a refund, or to take a final payment. Once that’s sorted, we’ll cancel the Direct Debit automatically.

Good luck with the move and let me know if you have any questions

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Thank you all; much appreciated.

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