Moving Out and want Bulb in new Property

I’m moving out and have done the online notification to Bulb. But I want to put Bulb in the new property. Do I have to set up a new account?

It’s just not clear, and I can’t see a telephone number to ring customer services at Bulb. Does anyone know the number?

Many thanks

This is all detailed in the “What to do when you’re moving house” article, where it says,

To take Bulb to your new home, sign up with your new details

If you want your new home to be supplied with renewable energy, then joining Bulb again is easy. Just head to the sign-up page and let us know your new details.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to let the current energy supplier know that you’ve recently moved in, so they can charge you for the energy you’ve used so far.

If you don’t know who supplies your home, you can phone your electricity distribution company or use Find My Supplier to find out who supplies your home with gas.

Thank you everyone. I’ve done it now. Thanks

@Piccadu You’re very welcome. Always best to ask first, rather than getting everything wrong and causing lots more complications for yourself when moving house.