Moving out but my flatmate is staying in our flat

Hi there,

I live in a 2 bed property in London and have one flatmate. Our electricity provider is Bulb, and I am the account holder for this.

I am moving out of the property on 30 Nov. My flatmate, however, is staying in the flat and will live here for a few months more. I want to change her to being the account holder once I move out.

Is this possible? Or does she have to open a whole new account? She’ll only be in the flat for a relatively short time, so the less hassle the better!



Hi @elsmcdee ,

If you, the account holder, is moving out, I would use the normal ‘Moving home’ flow ( ) to ensure you aren’t held responsible for any bills going forwards. Once Bulb’s received that, they’ll send a ‘To the occupier’ letter to the property asking the new tenant/resident to sign up for an account (which your flatmate should do). You may be able to help ‘pre-empt’ that by just dropping Bulb an email at with your flat mate’s details (ideally CCing them in) so Bulb can get things auto-switched with minimal hassle for you and them.

But, long story short, you’ll need to close your account with Bulb and your flat mate will need to open a new one.

Hope it helps

Thanks RichyB - very helpful.