Moving out next month

I am moving out of the apartment im renting at the moment atthe end of next month and was wondering if i can finalize and notifty the closure of my account from now? so its just done when i leave and i dont need to do anything.

I would not think so as you will have to have a final reading on your day of departure. If you did that now who would pay for the energy used?
You can however contact Bulb direct to discuss.

Hi @lalsadeqi ,

If you login to your Bulb account using the website, there should be a ‘Moving out/home’ option (with a picture of a lorry) where you can start the process: I believe you can provide ‘provisional’ figures and the date at that point. It’s advisable to take note of the meter readings on the day you leave the lease (ideally with a photograph in case of later disputes - especially if the landlord leaves the property empty for sometime) and provide the meter readings then.