Moving out of my home - changing account name details

Hi, I wonder if you can help, I am leaving my address at the end of the month and moving, but my partner is staying at the house so I need to change over the account details. I would also like to set up bulb in my new flat. How do I go about swapping this account over to my husband and starting up a new one for myself? Thanks for your help.

To change name: Phone up Bulb, with both of you together, and they will sort it out. If this is actually an “ex-partner” then you might prefer to follow the standard “moving out” process and let them contact Bulb as if they were a new tenant/owner.

When you move in to new property: Phone up the existing supplier and give them your payment details. Then start a switch to Bulb as normal.

Lots of info in the knowledge base on this if you have further questions. Click “Help” at the top. It’ll be quicker than posting here and waiting for replies.