moving out

I went through the move out process - final day to be 18th March.
The email i received said to enter final meter readings on the 13th.
I am no rocket scientist but what about the other 5 days prior to me handing back the keys…? Free energy…?
Has anyone been through this process recently… I assume you can give reading on the final day too…?

Appreciate any tips.

Thanks. Mike.

I would always take photos and readings on the day you move out as a precaution.

Yes, thats good advice, thanks scudo.
After logging back in to my account, it says that i can submit my final reading between the 13th and 23rd of march, so they give you a 10 day window (5 days either side) of before and after the move out date which is fine.
Must say, that I have found everything about bulb very user friendly, and zero hassles - compared to the usual big firms i used to go with.
I havent had to make a single phone call to bulb (is there even a phone number! who cares).
Once i move into the new place i intend to change the supplier to bulb.

is there even a phone number! who cares
If you do need to contact click on the help button and you will find the contact details.