Moving over and already have a smart meter


Just in the process of moving over and wondered what happens with my existing eon smart meter. Will I get a new one from bulb when the trial is complete?

You will have to submit manual readings ideally once a month when you receive a reminder email from Bulb.
They will be installing Smarts later this year.

Cheers for the quick reply

@scudo bang on, and @Jordy our smart meters will be 2nd generation ones that can be switched, that’s why it’s taking so long, the tech isn’t quite ready yet.

They will be installing Smarts later this year.
I'm increasingly starting to wonder whether this will actually happen when I read things like this:
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) say SMETS2 will be available as part of the mass rollout from 5th October 2018.

As there have been so many delays so far, I really wouldn’t be surprised if I didn’t get a smart meter until the middle of 2019.

Hey @mowcius - you’re right there have been quite a few delays, but we’re working as hard as we can to get the SMETS2 meters ready to be rolled out asap. We’ve got a few in the final stages of testing at the moment (we have to be 100% sure that everything works seamlessly with them) so hopefully we’re finally on the home straight :slight_smile:

Hi @“SamC at Bulb”, last time I asked, nobody seemed sure which models you’d even be testing so that sounds like good progress!

Can you divulge which smart meter models and IHDs you’re testing?
I was going to guess at a Landis+Gyr model, but from their website they don’t appear to make one that supports Zigbee SE1.2(a), so it would be a disappointment if it was the E470 even though it’s apparently SMETS2 compliant with an OTA update.

Will there be user trials of more than one model, or just testing of the specific one you pick?

@mowcius We are not able to disclose the types of smart meters and IHDs that we are testing at the moment, but we will let everyone know what they are once we have gone through more of the testing.