Moving provider but I have a new meter being installed


I’m moving provider but have an appointment booked for a new smart meter to be installed.

Some questions:
Are the smart meters the new V2 that will work with any provider or will they only give the smart features if used with Bulb?
If the meters are V2 will the install still go ahead even though I’m moving?
If they are V1 meters, I’d like to cancel the installation.


They are SMETS2 meters.

I can’t answer the question about whether the installation will still go ahead even though you have started a switch away. Best call Bulb and ask to find out.

Hi @Carl_W if the install is booked for after you are off supply with Bulb the engineer won’t be able to install the meter correctly. Please could you email us if this is the case so we can cancel the booking? Thank you!