Moving Supplier with Bulb Smart Meter

Just had a smart meter installed with bulb. As everyone knows, there are a few problems with the roll out. Now, if I was to move supplier and the smart meter issues aren’t resolved, who has responsibility over the technical issues currently being experienced (or in future)?

I’m assuming bulb, as they are who fitted the smart meter, but if you’re no longer a customer of theirs, will they take their responsibility seriously (you would hope they would)?

Or would it be the new supplier as they are the ones I’d be paying my money to? If so, would they simply swap the smart meter, as I doubt that they would have the technical information on the problems that are currently ongoing at bulb?

Depending on the issues, a new supplier may not be able to remotely read the meter either. That being the case it would be a case of submitting manual readings until the issue was resolved or a new meter.

I think your Bulb account would be closed via manual readings and that would be the end of their involvement. That’s just my take on it. Could be wrong.