Moving to a new house, when do I switch from BG to Bulb


I’m moving to a new place in 3 weeks from now. I’m using British Gas at my current flat and I want to switch to Bulb. The form you have doesn’t have a future day logic in it so I’m wondering when I should do the switch and what is the exact procedure I should follow?


It takes 3 weeks from start of switch to the completion date, a few days before the switch is complete you need to give meter readings. So i’d guess if you have a definite move in date you should time the switch to be a few days after you have moved in, in order to give the meter readings correctly at the time they are required by bulb.

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Best of luck with the house move and switch

OK so you suggest I first move, then do the switch. Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

@marios Yes, we recommend signing up once you have moved into the property and once you have an account with the existing supplier. This is just so there is no change of the previous supplier objecting to the switch.

@danp awesome, thanks!