Moving to an old house is complicated

I moved to an older house on 9th December and the gas meter doesn’t seem to be readable. It has what appears to be a display window but I can’t make out any numbers so it could be it’s so old the liquid crystals (or whatever they are) have run out of… steam, As recommended I sent a picture to Bulb help but nothing back after a week. I know it’s Christmas Eve but I was bored so thought I’d post on here. British Gas (previous providers to this address) said they would send someone out to read it, but I don’t want to be doing that every time. In addition, when I tried to submit my electricity readings my account comes up with my old address - do I have to create a new one, new password and so on? Again, nothing back from Bulb. When I went through the moving house process it promised to be seamless, but then they closed my old account and opened a new one, whereas I assumed the address on the account would just be changes. Also, when I spoke to British Gas they had no notification of the change and set me up with a temporary account so I could settle the bill between 9th December and 23rd December, when the ‘new’ Bulb service starts. Not very seamless and no help from Bulb,

I’ll be interested in the action Bulb takes as I will be relocating myself mid 2020 , so far I’ve been an extremely satisfied customer …keep us posted even if its back to the busy time of the year :grinning:

Anyone from Bulb monitoring these emails? I’ve had no help from the community on either issue (reading an old gas meter and submitting new readings for a changed address) so I’m stuck since I can’t call anyone at Bulb direct.

I know you’re trying to keep your overheads down but you’re going to end up losing customers if you can’t help when things go wrong. Including me. Why not at least provide a web chat if phones aren’t your thing?

What help do you expect from fellow customer on this forum. only Bulb are able to assist you.

Bulb are very spasmodic in checking this forum, at one time they were on the ball but not so these days.

Bulb do web chat.

I thought the point of the community was so that ‘fellow customers’ who had experienced a similar issue could explain how they resolved it. To avoid having to contact Bulb direct. And so could you point me to their web chat service? I’ve searched all over the site and can’t find it.

All their contact details are via the link at the bottom of the Help page:

I thought I had gone through all of those options at the bottom of the page, but trying one more time I found details of how to contact them direct or via a web chat buried a couple of layers deep. Not obvious at all but thanks for the link.

Can’t be much more obvious than the “Contact Us” button on the main help page? It gives the phone number, email address, and the link for live webchat.

The only advice fellow customers can give as to how they resolved a similar problem, is to tell you they contacted Bulb. There’s nothing you or anyone else can do.

Where does the “moving house process” promise to be seamless? It’s never seamless, because energy suppliers do not supply people, they supply properties. They can’t just change the address on your account as you thought, because the account is for your property, not actually for you. That’s why the account has to close and another one open for the new property. It’s also why you have to open an account with whoever is currently supplying the property (in your case British Gas) before you can start a switch of the property to a new supplier. This is all detailed in the “What to do when you’re moving house” article, where it says (with my emphasis),

To take Bulb to your new home, sign up with your new details

If you want your new home to be supplied with renewable energy, then joining Bulb again is easy. Just head to the sign-up page and let us know your new details.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to let the current energy supplier know that you’ve recently moved in, so they can charge you for the energy you’ve used so far.

If you don’t know who supplies your home, you can phone your electricity distribution company or use Find My Supplier to find out who supplies your home with gas.

The process you should have undertaken is this:

  1. Old address: Tell Bulb you’ve moved out and give closing readings taken on the day you give up legal responsibility for the property.
  2. New address: Once you have taken legal responsibility, contact British Gas and tell them you’ve moved in giving your opening meter readings.
  3. Once all that’s set up, if you like you can now start a switch of the new property to Bulb.

Given that you discovered the meter was unreadable, you need an additional step

2.5) Tell British Gas the meter is unreadable and get them to replace it.

It would have been best to get the meter replaced by British Gas before starting a switch, especially given you were unable to even obtain your initial opening readings. Ideally that would have all been done and setup properly with British Gas before getting any other supplier involved and complicating matters.

As you’ve discovered, Bulb customer service isn’t very good, particularly so over the Christmas period. However, with all due respect you’ve made this problem considerably worse than it ever needed to be by not following the correct procedure when moving house. It didn’t need to be this difficult if you’d followed the given instructions, the same process detailed by every supplier.

There’s definitely nothing us fellow customers on this community can do to help you. Sorry about that. You’re just going to have to deal with both British Gas and Bulb customer service and hope that at some point you get something that looks like a sensible bill. Good luck!

Well still no replies to emails and after a brief web chat where the operator promised to reply to my issues via email I was still waiting after a week. So I phoned, not expecting much, and both issues were resolved straight away. Turns out my new address is on the drop down on the front page (should probably display all addresses so it’s obvious but never mind) and the dud meter battery can be solved with a Smart meter, which is being connected next Tuesday. notwithstanding the moans on here about them (I’m ever the optimist), I’m happy now. Moral of story though is go straight to the phones. And don’t expect much help from this community, which like most social media forums seems to be populated with smug know-it-alls with nothing better to do than get sarcastic and condescending.