Moving to Bulb - Final Bill from British Gas


I’ve moved to bulb from British Gas and today received my final bill for my electricity only. They’ve said they haven’t had my final gas reading from bulb. I’ve read it can take up to 6 weeks but given that they have my electricity reading, is it likely/ feasible they haven’t had my Gas? I’m leaving British Gas largely because I found them incompetent so wouldn’t be at all surprised if they are simply lying to me.


@MrsP8, during the verification process, the gas reading often seems to be the one that takes longer to be sent over.

I wouldn’t be worrying yet but it would be nice if British Gas advised people better…

If you are concerned, a quick call to Bulb should clarify the situation (0300 30 30 635)

@MrsP8 they have what they need to final-bill your gas, too. Note that they’ll be final-billing to 21073 – not the read you gave us of 21122. We’ll similarly be billing you from 21073.

Why 21073? Sometimes third-party meter read validation rejects customers’ own reads a bit too aggressively, and this is what seems to have happened in your case. It means British Gas will bill you a little less (only up to 21073 instead of 21122) because Bulb will officially have supplied you for the units between 21073 and 21122.