Moving to Bulb

I wrote this email to Bulb on 15 June and have had no reply as yet…

“Simple switching? Really? You should have taken control of my electricity AND gas on 5 May. You managed half.
So from 5 May to 20 May, you had my electricity account and my old supplier had my gas account. Great, dealing with 2 utility companies instead of one. You send my old supplier an estimated reading (???) for them to generate a final bill of gas used (final est reading of 11014) between 6 and 20 May of £7.50 ish. My bill from you shows the actual reading I gave you on 31 May (11004). 10 less units, 11 more days and I get a credit of £1.80.
How does that work? You mess up, OVER estimate and I end up paying more???
So do you let my old supplier know your estimate for 20 May was out and I get a refund? Or will you compensate for your failings?
Would I recommend you as a company?? That would be a No!, on my experience so far.”

Anyine else had problems switching?