moving to Economy7 ?

Hi - thought I’d ask this here rather than in email in case it’s helpful to anyone else.

I’m getting an electric car ( :o ) at the end of September, and will be charging it at home overnight.
So, it makes sense for me to move onto Economy 7. How do I arrange this, please?


Hi @coles

Switching to economy7 is pretty easy. It involves sending an engineer out to replace your meter, so there is a charge and you will need to be home during your visit to let them in and ply them with tea. It takes 2 weeks to book a slot. The charge is £96 to change the meter.

Drop an email to letting us know you want to change. Make sure you include

  • What dates you can be at home to let them in. Make sure it's more that 2 weeks in the future and that it's a working day
  • Confirmation that you're happy to pay £96

And that’s it. We’ll then confirm your appointment and keep you in the loop throughout the meter change.

Also, congrats on the electric car. I’m a bit envious to be honest :slight_smile:

Thanks Will.

No worries :slight_smile: