Moving to new house with smart meter

Just got keys to new house, looks like there’s a smart meter? Plugged into the kitchen wall socket. Little screen thing. Can I switch to bulb? It’s currently with scottish power. If so, how and what do I do as there’s no option online in the quote box to do this! And will I be charged by the previous occupants energy supplier??

Hi @Kirstenmc87

Hope you’ve settled into your new home.

It’s very likely that your smart meter is a first generation smart meter which means when you switch to Bulb it will become dumb and you’ll need to submit meter readings on your Bulb account. The In-Home-Display (little screen thing) won’t show accurate data. But we do have a Bulb account where you can track your usage. And we’ll be putting all the first generation smart meters on to the same network as the second generation smart meters starting this Summer. So we will be able to remotely read your smart meter in the future.

You’ll only be charged with the dates that you have been responsible for the property. I would advise giving Scottish Power a quick call to let them know the dates. Once you’ve done that you can simply switch to Bulb and we’ll give the your opening meter readings. Your final bill from Scottish Power will be from the dates you moved in to your switch date.

Let me know if you have any other questions.