Moving to new property

As a first student who has just moved out of University accommodation into my new second year home, I have switched our new house’s gas and electricity from the previous tenant’s supplier to Bulb (which is currently still processing). The previous tenant’s company are asking us to send them switchover meter readings so they know how much to charge us as a final bill.
When Bulb say they will pay our ‘exit fees’, does this mean that Bulb will pay our final bill and any exit fees that have been added?
Sorry if the answer has already been given on a previous thread but I have never had to deal with utility bills before thus I don’t know how it all works!!


Hi @amy449. No worries, always good to clarify :slight_smile: We cover the exit fees that may be charged to end a contract early. As you’ve just moved into the house, it’s unlikely this will be the case.

We can’t cover the cost of energy that you use in that period. It should be fairly clear on the bill they send you, but if in doubt buzz across a copy of the bill to us and we’ll let you know!