Moving to you and wasted switch time for G and E ?

Moving to you and transferring Gas + Elect from my previous company, why do you waste valuable switch time by doing it for each, but a week apart? I paid off the full o/s G+E balance only to get another email delaying switch for G five days later and all before the original contract ends.

Hi @Azores2000

We don’t send the switches a week apart, we apply for the meters at the same time and then switch them on the same day for both.

The gas switch is going to join a little late as there was an objection to your transfer but I can see from your other email that that’s all cleared up now.

We will be in touch once we can re-apply, the process of the objection clearing generally takes around 5 working days to clear and then we will re-apply for a 15 day switch to bring you over as soon as possible.