Moving with debt? Had enough of Bulb

Been with bulb over 2 years now and initially was really pleased. Have a 1 bed electric only flat with those dumb economy 7 meters. Initially my bills were halved compared to previous supplier. In the last year, owing to furlough and job loss I seem to have accrued £800 in debt. As others have said, I send them readings and they either aren’t used or last month suggested I’d only used £1! Previous months have been £90 odd.

I’ve told them multiple times I cannot afford that much a month and repeatedly asked for help and a payment plan. This largely fell on deaf ears for 6 months of going round in circles and them wanting me to submit all my financial dealings via Tully. Eventually they accepted a reduced payment of £48.36. Fab. Felt like a weight was lifted. Direct Debit was set and off we go.

Until this month when I’ve checked my bank account on the first and they’ve taken my agreed amount of £48.36 and a second payment of £40 (to effectively make up the amount they want from me!) Surely this is an abuse of the Direct Debit instruction and they have to refund me? Or do I have to get the bank to do that?!

I’m absolutely fuming as it’s left me short on another bill now.

So, my question really is, can I move to a new supplier with such a large debt?! As I’m really fed up with the incompetence of bulb.

Doubtfull bulb would let you move as the cutoff point is circa £500.
Even if you did move you would still have to settle the debt eventually.
The best advice I could give would be to contact Citizens Advice ASAP and see if they can help with your finances(they are free and usually pretty helpful)

That’s handy to know about the £500 cut off, thanks. I’ll have a word with my IVA company and see if there’s anything they can do with the debt and incorporating it into my plan.

Hi @agfleming

We’re happy to work with you regarding the payment plan and debt on the account. If what you can afford is less than the suggested amount we do ask you conduct the financial assessment with our partners (Tully or StepChange) who then get in touch with us to set this plan up.

Did you already do this?

Just a bit about Tully-
Tully is a secure financial service. It uses Open Banking, a process introduced by the government to give consumers more control over their finances. Every company authorised for Open Banking – Tully included – has to register with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). To do this they have to meet a strict set of rules and regulations to operate in the UK.

One of the regulations you might be familiar with is GDPR (although they also have to subscribe to other privacy laws too). This means they have to tell you exactly what data they’re going to be using, how they will be using it, and how long they will be using it for, so they don’t get free reign of access.

Of course Stepchange are also great if you’d rather chat to them! If you set up a plan with them they’ll let us know what you can afford to pay on the account and we can go from there.

Citizens Advice is also a good shout for further advice- thanks @mojo!

– H :sunny: