I’m moving and want to stay with bulb but your online moving process only lets me finish my current property without the ability to seamlessly move to my new property. How can I ensure I’m with bulb when I move in.

Hi @fionashukie - If you go to and fill in the new property details as if you’re a new member, but keep the same email address and password as your last home, it will merge the 2 accounts at the end for you.

Thanks Bill! Will do now as I’ve finally got a moving in date

Bill are you able to see if it worked? Thanks

Hi @fionashukie - looks all good to me - If you log into your Bulb account and click the property you can toggle between the two :slight_smile:

That’s great! Thanks Bill

I wish I new this before my move

@Nagev_269 - even if you’ve moved already it should still work.

@Nagev_269 - even if you've moved already it should still work.

I closed my account but the direct debit still came out

Hi @Nagev_269 - I’ve emailed you about that - I’m sorting it for you, but let’s chat over e-mail if that’s OK with you.