I have bought a second property and I am in the process of renovating it. It was an un-insulated two bed top flat with storage heaters, so we have added 70mm of insulation to the walls, increased the loft insulation to 270mm and changed the heaters to thermostatic convection I think.

Currently we are with Scottish Power and I have asked for a smart meter as I can’t work out if I can have two accounts with Bulb?

Also its economy 7 but does this make sense.

I will probably move into the new place in two weeks and have sold my current place in two months?



Hello @Alasdair70 ,

Yes, you can have two accounts with Bulb - just signup (as per normal) using the same email address and password and both properties will be in your account (see ).

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with a smart meter at the moment. Scottish Power will probably install a ‘SMETS1’ meter which means the ‘smartness’ will be locked to Scottish Power and using any other supplier (such as Bulb) will render the meter ‘dumb’ and any in-home display will stop working and you’ll still have to take manual meter readings (see ).

Bulb (and other suppliers) are hoping to roll out the new generation of smart meters (SMETS2) later that year continuing into next year, so it’s probably best to wait until then as those will be compatible with all suppliers. Hopefully sometime next year Bulb will be able to start accepting auto-reads from SMETS1 meters, but that’s more up in the air as to how that’ll work.