I’m moving and there is an overlap between tenancies.

I signed my new tenancy on 18/06/19 and my current tenancy ends on 21/07/19.

From what I’ve read it seems I need to sign up a new account with Bulb for my new address, and then end my current account with Bulb when I’ve got a final meter reading. Is this correct? I cannot transfer my current account over to my new address?

Any assistance comprehending this would be appreciated, Thanks!

I see I need to find out which supplier is currently assigned to the supply where I’m moving to, contact them and then switch to Bulb. And close my current account when I cease to become responsible for the supply where I currently live.

As I’ll still have a live Bulb account when switching to Bulb at my new address, I wonder if I can refer myself and get the £50 for being referred and the £50 for being the referrer?

Hi @anth0ny,

Yes, at the moment this is the process you need to go through when moving Bulb to a new property. We’re currently working on this to make it simpler.

And if you refer yourself, you’d only get £50, which is still better than nothing :wink:

And if you refer yourself, you'd only get £50, which is still better than nothing ;)

@anth0ny If you’re feeling charitable, since you only get 1x£50 either way, I can send you my referral code if you like =)

Thanks for the info Maxwell it’s appreciated.

@Hooloovoo It was my sister that introduced me to Bulb in the first place so I’ll be using her referral code.