MPRN registered at correct address but wrong postcode - want to switch but don't want a headache

Hi, My MPRN is registered to the correct address but wrong postcode, when I enter my address on your website it finds the address OK, but can’t find the address under the “select gas metering point drop down menu”. I want to switch but could do without administrative headache. Any ideas??

Ring or email them.

0300 30 30 635

@StevePhillips Hey Steve, thanks for reaching out. We want to relieve those headaches and get you signed up posthaste.

If you’re gas and electricity addresses are a bit off, I would suggest that you just sign up your electricity with us, send us an old gas bill, and then we’ll be able to add in your gas manually and amend your addresses so they match up. Just make sure to keep in mind what your quote was for the dual fuel, so we can get your monthly payment to reflect both gas and electric.

We’re here to help so please give us a ring or email us, thanks @leonard7077 :wink:

@leonard7077. Thanks for helping out so quickly! @StevePhillips There are two things you can do to get this fixed. The most hassle free way though would be to sign up with just electricity for now and send us an email including your MPRN details to and we can just get your gas added on separately.

Hopefully that’s cleared things up for you!

Best of luck @StevePhillips bulb will be able to handle it without any hassle!

If you don’t already have a referral link to get £50 credit when you switch then i’d be grateful if you’d consider mine;