MSE Cheap Energy Club Switch

Has anyone else had an email recently from MSE Cheap Energy Club recently saying that they are now paying too much for their energy - based on other suppliers?

Surprised to see 1 of the ‘big six’ British Gas now come in less than Bulb on a 100% renewable energy deal.

Lots of other renewable energy providers on the market too with favourable savings and cashback returns.

Is anyone else tempted?

Have you checked the actual tariff for that deal? (and is that gas, electric, or dual-fuel?)

I visited the BG website, and asked it for dual-fuel tariff deals for my postcode. It offered 5 tariffs. 4 out of 5 had the same gas unit rate of 3.393p/kWh (the 5th was higher) vs Bulb’s 2.95p/kWh. The daily standing charge ranged from 24.603p to 29.534p against Bulb’s 20.44p. All bar one also had exit fees of either £30 or £40 (£0 on the one).

Helpfully, their website says (at the bottom, in small-ish print) “You may find other tariffs by shopping around” :man_facepalming:

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The Deal is: British Gas’s Energy and Home Services Jun 2021v4 tariff

Gas unit: 2.335p (Bulb 2.61p)
Stand chg: 13.621p (Bulb 19.47p)

Elec unit: 14.396p (Bulb 15.26p)
Stand chg: 15.743p (Bulb 18.09p)

This tariff comes with automatic boiler insurance which can be cancelled at any time to reduce costs further - and exit fee is only £30 and it’s a fixed contract for 12 months.

Just seems such a good deal - and it’s renewable!

That tariff does show up on the Bulb home page in the “where are Bulb competitively vs the ‘big 6’ standard tariffs” chart (to the right of Bulb, as it’s calculated to be cheaper).

And the actual tariff details you’ve got do seem to bear that out, so it’s up to you whether you think it’s worth switching.

All the BG deals appear to be fixed price contracts, so while you know the rate cannot go up, it also cannot go down (eg if gas wholesale prices fall further) - I’m just mentioning this so that you can weigh that element for yourself as part of your deliberation.

One last thought - while you might be able to renew the contract, I’m pretty sure that BG will not guarantee to offer the same rates at renewal! (they might, they might not - it will depend on the market at the time - bit like car insurance)

I have just started a switch to another company due to Bulb’s standing charge being higher when I did a comparison. My Standing charge is higher than yours on the vari fair tariff.

Gas - 20.44 p/day
Electricity - 22.5 p/day

Edited to update to current figures

I’m pretty sure that BG will not guarantee to offer the same rates at renewal!
nothing (apart from memory) to stop him swtching again in eleven months time.
In fact if memory serves me correctly its forty(40) days before contract expires