Multi meter rates confusion


Recently I moved in my new home and started with Bulb as my supplier.
They requested to supply the current meter readings for gas and electricity.
As I have a “5224 Ampy Meter”, which is a multi-rate meter, I recorded an R1 and an R2 reading, where R1 is about 5 x higher then R2.
My conclusion is, that R1 is daytime and R2 is night-time.
However when I search and read online references, they say R1 is night-time and R2 is daytime.
So, how can I find out for sure, what are the correct settings and readings in my case?
Also I like to know, why there is such a big difference between the two readings?


Hi @steam, the energy industry isn’t the most consistent when it comes to labelling which register is day and which is night, so the most reliable way to check which is which is to just boil the kettle during the day and check which register ticks over.

Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

Hi Will, Thanks for the explanation and the tip. It is clear now, which register is day and night.

Greast stuff @steam. Glad you’re sorted.