Multiple electricity meter form entries shown

I am trying to submit my electricity meter reading but it appears like something is wrong. There are two places to insert readings in - one with a previous value of 0, and the correct one below it, it a previous value of 648. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

I think there has been a change. I have economy 7 and it looks similar to yours but with a sun and moon symbol to signify which is day and night. I am sure this used to be in words and something else different that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Have you submitted readings before? With readings that low it’s as if you have a new meter recently installed, does 00648 tally with your last submission?

I wonder if its wrongly showing both areas if you are on single rate? Any body else have the problem above?

Might be best to contact bulb on chat / phone to check your meter configuration is correct upon their systems particularly if the figure does not relate to what you expect.

Hey, I did get my meter replaced a few months ago due to it malfunctioning. It was set up correctly prior to this month - now it seems like it is showing both the previously deactivated meter and the new one. I have contacted bulb already but have not heard back, was just wondering if anyone else experienced this.

Hi @LukeButtigieg It can take some time for everything to be updated following a meter exchange, but it looks like everything has been updated, and you can now only one meter reading for your current meter