Multiple Meter Readings

I like to submit many meter readings between each billing date, but when I tried last week and again this week to submit readings on the Bulb site it complained that “something had gone”, it still accepted the reading, but neither last weeks or this weeks readings have appeared yet. Is this something I can continue to still do?


Hi @jeg1972,

You should be able to add as many readings as you like, and if that’s what you’d like to do then great. I can see the last reading you gave of 22,690. What was the last one you were expecting to see?

It would be useful for me to see what the page says in the background when you try to enter a reading, so if you let me know what your readings are today, I’ll put them in for you and see what it says and if there’s a problem I can fix it for you.




I’ve submitted two others since then :frowning: I’ll submit a new one tonight and give you the error.


Righto, it sounds like it might be because you’re particularly near your opening reading time. I’ll have to test it though.

OK, so bizarrely it accepted the reading that time. All of the previous readings have appeared as well!

Thanks Will.

Great, glad to hear it @jeg1972, I’ll have a look into what could have happened then. It sounds like something was holding them up from processing until very recently.