Multiple statement corrections

Contacted bulb to no avail - shock! Has anyone else ended up with multiple statement corrections and like me unable to make head nor tail of them since they have a functioning smart meter that ought to provide up to date readings to bulb and there is no reason for all the deductions and then credits that make up for the initial deductions. Is it so difficult for bulb to provide a clear cut simple statement that says how much you were in credit by, how much usage there has been and what it’s cost and ultimately what you might owe or don’t owe if your monthly payments aren’t up to scratch? At this moment I cannot tell if I’m in credit or debit or what my approximate usage is! Bulb you are totally failing on the customer service aspect!

Similar problem with me too. My balance on the app is different to my statement so I have no idea if I am in credit or debit. I’ve had no response to emails and seriously considering moving supplier. Their customer service was excellent when I first joined so stayed with them. Disappointing as I’m happy with their principles of renewable energy but customer service is lacking.

Hi @Sophiadee thanks for getting in touch. There is likely to be a setting on your account that we need to fix to prevent this happening every month, can you please DM me your email address, post code and first line of address? I will take a look into your account and see what the problem is.

@SamR_at_Bulb I have already emailed bulb via the help address over a week ago with no response… Should we contacting bulb for assistance on here instead?
I’m sorry I cannot work out how to message you on here this is my first post and I’m still learning to navigate this site.

@whitingsue It’s very disappointing isn’t it. This, combined with the shambles of the smart meter not initially working is like you making me consider leaving and checking other suppliers… I’m waiting for the price to increase and then it’ll be three reasons to leave!

Been having the same problem, first time was a couple of months after smart meter was fitted, the electricity side was not working(common fault I believe), then in January//February got credits and debits for a 10 month period with altered statements, e-mailed bulb but no reply,when I first joined bulb it was the reviews about excellent customer service that swayed me, that seems to be gone, I have recommended bulb to friends in the past, have friend who was ready to switch to bulb but have told her to hold fire and maybe look at another alternative

@jenny2206 yes I won’t be recommending them either! It’s not a lot to ask for a simple clear statement is it?

If this is something happening every month, that shouldn’t be happening, then your system should be alerting you to the problem automatically without the customer having to contact you.


I couldn’t agree with you more, what’s really annoying is the total lack of response from them. Whatever’s happened to the way they state that they will respond either by email or telephone, the only response is an email saying hope the problem has been resolved to your satisfaction … Well mo it hasn’t because they’ve not done anything

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Oh look 6 days later and still no response whatsoever to my original email so that’s about 14 days waiting for some sort of customer service.

No doubt it’s corona virus’ fault since everything else is these days. Bloody clever flu putting corrections up on my statements to confuse me. :crazy_face:

cleverer than bulb customer service it would seem, at least it has a faster response time :rofl:

I have just sent you an email about this @Sophiadee, and the issue has been sorted. Apologies for the delay in getting this fixed for you., we have a large email backlog that we are working really hard to reduce. We’ve hired a lot of staff in the last few months to combat this, but we do understand this is unacceptable. - Sam