Multtiple Addresses / Accounts

I have a number of addresses that Bulb supply energy to.

Is there a way I can configure my account to be able to switch between the different supply addresses?

Hi there @RichHarrison no problem I’ve got your online account set up to switch between properties, just click on the address at the top and it’ll give you a drop down menu, you can use that to change between properties for meter readings, payments and statements, all that jazz.

Thanks David. Perfect. I’ve tried it and all works perfectly. :slight_smile:

Delighted to hear it :slight_smile: let me know if you run into any other problems

Hi David, I’m in the process of adding another account and trying to add meter readings, but the new address is not showing yet. Are you able to add it to the drop down menu? Thanks

Hi @RichHarrison Fixed that for you :slight_smile: