My Account details

Hi how can cheque my account details

Please help me with my account summary

If you’ve never had an account invitation by email, click the “Email me a link to sign in instantly” option at the bottom, otherwise put your email address in and click “Sign In with Password”.

If you don’t know/don’t remember your password, try to “Sign In with Password”, and there’s a “I forgot my Password” password recovery option on that page.

Hello @Bejonbanik Welcome to Bulb community!

As @stevefoster has said, if you follow the link you will be able to begin the process of viewing the account.

You can actually view your energy usage and statement history all in the login page, this should provide the summary you are looking for.


Please send me bill card for paying bill.

Hi @Baljitkaur :wave:

Are you looking for a one-off payment link to pay your bill? I’ve sent you a private mesage about this now.