My account disappeared

I have a personal account with bulb for my flat, which I have been using for over a year.
I also recently signed up for a business account, using the same email address (I was told by support that I would be able to access both accounts from the same user)
Now when I log in, my personal account has disappeared and I can only see the business account, which is in the process of being switched.

Can I not have the two accounts on one user, with different payment settings? Should I cancel the switch? And where did my personal account go?

Hi @Claudio1,

We can’t actually merge domestic accounts with business, I’m sorry you’ve been told that. I’ll follow up with the agent who said this for you so that the error isn’t repeated.

I can see that the agent you spoke with on chat has since update the accounts for you, so I’m glad that’s been resolved. But yes sometimes if there’s two accounts, whether domestic or business, and they aren’t merged, you’ll only be able to login to one.

Thanks Oisin, yes it finally got resolved, i got a bit panicky since it was dragging for a bit.
All seems to be OK now.

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