My account is in credit but you are trying to increase my payments by 300%

You’ve recenlty updated my account to say that i’m £3,200 in credit! Not only that, but you have told me that i need to increase my monthly payments from £243 a month to £666! This is obvioulsy absolutely ridiculous, and also very stressful. Please clear this up ASAP

Hi @harryjhussain - welcome to community :wave:

So it looks like there was an error with your billing, this has meant we’ve had to cancel all your previous statements back till Feb 2021 and reissue them again. When they get reissued it consolidates all your statements into one large one. So there’s now a large ‘draft’ statement that spans from 16/02/21 to date. This needs to be reviewed by our operations teams, and once done so your account balance and suggested payment amount will be updated.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the confusion.

– Meg :bulb:

Why is the cancellation of previous statements and reissue of new statement not done at the same time? Might cut down on the amount of people querying large credit balances.

Thanks but i’m still confused. You recalculated my statement on February 16th by crediting £2,367.51 (the amount you had previously calculated for your energy usage since 16th February 2021) adn then tool £3,210.72 back for the 11 months usage, using my meter readings. So why are recalculting them yet again, barely 3 weeks after sending me a reculcualted statement?

Hi Megan. Not sure if you got my previous reply but i’m just trying to clarify who you are sending me a second recalcualted statement only a few weeks after recalculating it? Grateful for a response please. Thanks

Hi @harryjhussain :wave:

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I can see your first consolidated statement was for the period 16/02/21 - 15/01/22 which was then reconsolidated to the period of 16/02/21 - 15/02/22 which is why this came to a higher amount as there was an additional months payment. There will not be any further consolidated bills on your account and our billing team are just looking into accepting this and ensuring all back billing applies where/if necessary.

Hi @norman7115 :wave:

We aim to have these worked as quickly as possible to prevent any confusion or concern for our members but every so often these need to be manually checked by our team to ensure the billing is correct in line with back billing rules etc.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Luke :bulb:

I wasn’t questioning the manual checking. I was questioning why the revised bill wasn’t checked first, before previous statements were cancelled, so both could be done at the same time. Thus preventing customer accounts suddenly appearing to be massively in credit and causing this confusion.

Hi @norman7115

The only way for us to issue a new statement, is to void the old ones. This prevents you being charged twice for the same energy. The new statement then goes into a draft status whilst it’s being checked and is then accepted.

I appreciate that this causes confusion whilst this is being approved, however we would rather this, and be able to explain this to our members, than have multiple statements on the account for the same period, which would charge our members twice.

– Robyn :bulb:

We have been sent a bill recalculation that appears to suddenly have added over £1000 debit. There is no explanation other than a reference to a meter change in 2021. What new information has come to light since the change? How do I get an explanation? Emails remain unanswered.

I can at one point see a transposed r1 and r2 final reading, is this what the problem is? Who knows without an explanation. This account was subject to an Ombudsman ruling that Bulb lost regarding meters / readings. How do I get an explanation?

Hi @lawrence :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch about your billing query. I can’t find an account associated with the email address provided on here. Is there any chance it has updated? I need this to be able to look into your account for you.


Jen :star:

Bulb are a joke it’s getting sad how they’ve mucked up so many accounts I’m about to cancel my DD and they can chase me for the money! Good luck Bulb and if you are new to them run while you still can

Hi Jen, Yes sorry the two emails are different. How do I contact you with the correct info?