my account shows a debt of £14.27(does this include the pending payment of £112 or not)please

please reply on my e.mail

please reply on my e.mail

I’m just a customer same as you.

The normal office hours of Bulb are 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, so posting four requests in 6 minutes wont possibly elicit a an official response until 9 am tomorrow.

Looking at my own bill for guidance, if you have a pending payment of for example £112 it wont be included in your account. As soon as your direct debit payment has been received from your bank it will be included in your account. By my calculation as soon as Bulb have received payment from your bank your account will be in credit by £97.73 (don’t hold me that figure)

I think Allanr is correct, on the 1st June I received my statement and was -3p owing, on the 4th June my dd was paid and I am now £34 in credit.

Hi @123rubbish I’ve replied to your email now.

Just to confirm, @Allanr is correct. The payment is for next month, so will not be included in the statement that was sent to show last month’s usage. This is because the payment is taken for the mont in advance.